As mentioned, one of the highlights of the Kidz World Expo is the interactive workshops / activities and competitions that are held during the show. We usually have some or all of these activities running simultaneously during the period of the exhibition. To know more about which activities are going to be held during a particular exhibition, please get in touch about one week prior to the start of the show. Given below is a description of some of the activities that have been conducted at the Kidz World Expo over the last few years. *

Character Interactions

Over the years, children have been enthralled by interacting with many of their favourite cartoon characters such as Chhota Bheem, Arjun, Doraemon, Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, Garfield, Spider-man, Fafa & Juno, Santa Claus and many more !

Drawing / Painting competition

Children are made to either draw / paint a picture of their own, or are provided with materials by a sponsor and asked to paint a particular theme. Age group segregation depends upon number of registrations.

Clay Modelling

Children are taught to make various objects by molding clay. A competition may follow at times

Dance workshops / competitions

Children are given a platform to explore their passion for dance. Age group segregation depends upon number of registrations.

Talent Show

Here, children are asked to display any unique talent of theirs on stage. Age group segregation depends upon number of registrations.

Game Zone

Here, we have a themed entertainment zone where you children can jump around, play games and have fun

Football Zone

The football zone often involves kids trying their hand (or feet) at the most popular sport in the world. They are supervised by coaches who may give out special tips for the children to become better at the game.

Magic Show

Ever popular with the children (and parents) the Magic Show usually leaves the audience enchanted as popular magicians perform daring tricks and stunts on stage !

Cooking Workshops

While the Kidz World Expo is most definitely aimed at children, we haven't forgotten the parents either ! Cooking workshops may be held at the exhibition, with popular chefs cooking a wide variety of dishes and sharing the recipes with the audience !

Many Moreā€¦

The Kidz World Expo is a dynamic exhibition where we are always open to new, innovative ideas to entertain our visitors. You can well expect to witness other activities apart from the ones described above.

* Note: All of the activities mentioned are variable and it is not necessary that these will be conducted at every event. Please enquire in advance to know more about the activities to be conducted