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Why Visit

Which parent would not like to entertain and pamper their child ? That's exactly why we've organized this exhibition ! The Kidz World Expo is a place where you can plan a complete day's outing for the entire family. With a collection of the best in children's products, you can get a good idea of the latest products and services currently available in the market. Come, let your child get lost in the action-packed environment while you look around for products that will fulfill your child's every need !

Benefits of visiting Kidz World Expo:

Since exhibitions have a collection of products and services pertaining to a particular industry, exhibitors and visitors alike can identify the current market trends, browse latest product offerings and estimate what lies in store for the future. The Kidz World Expo will provide a variety of choices of products and services – all under one roof.

Get complete product and service demos and explanations from representatives of the company itself at the exhibition – make an informed decision ! You may even receive special offers and discounts as part of the exhibition promotions !

Finally, wouldn't you like your children to be all-rounders ? What is talent without opportunity right ? With that in mind, we try to give children a special platform to display their hidden talents through a variety of competitions, events, activities, quizzes and workshops. We also keep various attractions and shows so that parents and children alike are entertained through the day !